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85% Off Household Essentials at Target! **RUN!**

Better get on those running shoes, because the Target Household Essentials deal just got better! New Shopkick and Swagbucks rebates just popped up, making this $51 household bundle just $7.69 after coupons, rebates, and gift card. But, like I said, you might want to RUN--these rebates tend to disappear quickly.

Here's what you're gonna do:

(1) Downy Scent Beads $10.99

(1) Febreze Spray $3.99

(1) 9 Elements Dish Soap $3.99

(1) Puffs Tissue Box $1.79

(1) Dawn Powerwash Refill $3.99

(1) Febreze Small Spaces $3.99

(1) Febreze Car Clips $5.69

(2) Glade Warmers $1.79e

(2) Clorox Multi Packs $6.29e

Subtotal: $50.59

Clip these in the Circle App:

- $2 Downy Scent Beads

- $2 Febreze Spray

- $2.30 Febreze Small Spaces

- $2.30 Febreze Car Clip

- $2.50 Glade ($1.79 off)

- $15 GC for spending $50

Pay out of pocket: $40.50

-$15 Gift Card

Submit to these rebate app:

- Shopkick (Promo code TOROK) for this Back to School Household Essentials Bundle for buying Downy, Dawn, and Puffs. You'll receive 1,760 kicks OR $7.04 back!

**Shopkick is a rebate app that rewards you for buying and scanning items at specific retailers. Earn "kicks" for buying items and submitting your receipt to the Shopkick app. Use promo code TOROK for extra kicks. 250 kicks equals $1. Once you reach 1,250 kicks ($5), you can redeem your kicks for gift cards or into your PayPal account.

- Swagbucks for 600 SB ($6) for buying 2 Clorox Wipes Multi-Packs.

**Swagbucks is a rebate app that gives you cash back for buying items at specific retailers. Earn Swag Bucks after you buy an item and submit your receipt to the Swagbucks app. 100 SB equals $1. Redeem SB for gift cards or directly into your PayPal account.

- Coupons App for $2.50 back for the second Glade warmer (This app will give you the overage, even though the product only cost $1.79, you'll still get the full $2.50!)

Final Cost: $7.69 (85% off!!)

**Links may be affiliated and I may receive a small commission when you sign up using them. However, I never share a deal or post an offer that I have not done myself and think is a good deal! If you use my link--thank you!

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