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DG Breakdown: $7.35 Total!

Here's how you can score over $25 in product for $7.35 this weekend at Dollar General! For those who don't know, here's how this works: Every week, the Dollar General app puts out a store coupon for $5 off your $25 purchase in store. The best part? You can use digital coupons also found in the app in addition to that store coupon. Resulting in savings well into the 60-70% off range!

This week, we're double dipping the gain category coupon and the $5/$25 store coupon--disclaimer: every store I've ever tried this in, has worked. I've heard some say that their stores do not stack these two coupons, but this has never been my experience. If your store is not one that stacks, scroll to the bottom of the post to see a list of substitutions you can add to your own scenario! Just remember, your subtotal must be $25 before coupons and after any store Instant Savings!

Let me show you what I got!

DG Scenario #1 for 8/7 ONLY:

If you're store doesn't allow you to stack the $5/$25 and the $5/$20 Gain, here's an option that just uses the $5/$25 DG store coupon along with other manufacturer's coupons! DG Scenario #2 for 8/7 ONLY:

If you get to the store and find any of these items are out of stock, or maybe you would rather substitute out something you don't use in the scenario above, here are a list of substitutions you can use:

- (2) Dial Body Wash $8 ($4 e.) - BOGO Digital Coupon ($4 off) = 2 for $4

- Tide Simply 138oz Liquid Detergent $8.95 - $3 Digital Coupon = $5.95

- (4) Snuggle Softeners OR All Detergents $16 ($4 e.) - $3 Instant Savings (when you spend $15 on select Snuggle and All Products) - $3 off 2 Digital Coupon = 4 for $10

Make sure you check out the video I post on Saturday morning on Instagram and TikTok for a visual step-by-step breakdown of what to purchase and which coupons to clip!

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