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Diaper Deals That Aren't ๐Ÿ’ฉ!

Are you getting the best price when you're buying diapers? When I started buying diapers for my kids, I often wondered if I was truly getting the best price for the diapers I was buying with coupons. And it got even worse when my kids started breaking out in rashes when I put them in certain diapers (i.e. anything other than Pampers ๐Ÿ™„--RIP my wallet, right?) I was more determined than ever to make sure the cost per diaper was truly the cheapest it could possibly be--aka the "stock up price" for my family's diapers each week.

So if you're like me, and wondering what the cheapest price for the brand of diapers your family uses is this week, I've gone ahead and done the leg work for you! Here are the top deals for the most popular brands of diapers this week. Don't see your brand? Leave a comment below and I'll be sure to add it into the next week of diaper deal breakdowns!

Huggies Diapers:

Cheapest price for Huggies brand diapers is, believe it or not, Costco! This week, Costco is running an instant savings on Huggies diapers, where you receive $10.50 off for the super colossal box of diapers. The breakdown looks a little something like this:

- Buy (2) boxes of Huggies for $34.49 each

Pay $68.98 out of pocket for both

Submit to:

- Ibotta for $4 back ($2 for each box)

- Fetch Rewards (referral code

7MUMY) for $5 back for spending $60

Final Cost: $59.98 for both OR $29.99 each box!

This makes each diaper around 15 cents each. For those who use Kirkland brand (which is also rumored to be manufactured by Huggies), the Kirkland brand is 18-25 cents per diaper this week; making this deal significantly cheaper!

Pampers Diapers:

Pampers have been a little pricey lately--but thankfully, with the spend $100 get a $30 gift card, they're a little less pricey this week at Target! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Here's how the breakdown shakes out:

- Buy (1) box of Pampers 360 Cruisers for $42.99

- Buy (1) box of Pampers Baby Dry for $42.99

- Buy (1) bag of Pampers Splashers for $8.99

- Buy (1) 3pk of Pampers Wipes for $6.49

Subtotal: $101.46

Clip these coupons in the Circle App:

- $3 off Pampers Diapers

- $3 off Pampers 360 Cruisers

- $2 off Pampers Splashers

Pay $93.46 out of pocket BUT receive a $30 Target Gift Card

Final Cost: $63.46 for all!

This makes each diaper around 16-18 cents. Compare this to the price of each diaper at Sam's Club, which is around 21-25 cents per diaper! Please keep in mind, this deal can ONLY be done in store, since the manufacturer coupons used are only available if you shop in store.

Up&Up Diapers:

By FAR the best deal on diapers this week is the Up&Up generic brand diapers from Target! You can score three HUGE boxes of diapers and a little pack of wipes for 30% off--BUT it's the price per diaper that gives you the best value, coming in at 9-10 cents per diaper! ๐Ÿ™Œ Not to mention, it's probably the easiest of all the deals to do--here's what you do:

- Buy (3) Jumbo box of Up&Up Diapers for $32.99 each

- Buy (1) pack of Up&UP Wipes for $1.79

Pay $100.76 out of pocket BUT receive a $30 Target Gift Card

Final Cost: $70.76 for all!

This makes each diaper 9-10 cents--keep in mind, that final price will vary, since diapers tend to go up in cost the larger size you buy. As far as generic brands of diapers, this is by far the cheapest option--Kirkland (Costco generic) diapers are around 20 cents each, Member's Mark (Sam's Club generic) diapers are around 15 cents each, and Parents Choice (Walmart generic) diapers around around 10 cents each (another great option if Up&UP doesn't work for you!).


Another really great option this week at Target is the Pull-Up/Night-time diaper deal! This one is a little more involved with rebate apps, but that final total is ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ! Here's what you're gonna grab:

- Buy (1) Ninjamas Box for $26.99

- Buy (2) Pull-Ups New Leaf Boxes for $36.99 each

Subtotal: $100.97

Clip these coupons in the Circle App:

- $3 off Ninjamas

- $5 off Pull-Ups New Leaf

Pay $92.97 out of pocket BUT receive a $30 Target Gift Card. THEN, submit to:

- Ibotta for $4 back on Pull-Ups

New Leaf ($2 for each box)

- Fetch Rewards for $4 back for

spending $30 on Pull-Ups

- Coupons App for $5 back on

Pull-Ups New Leaf

Final Cost: $49.97 for all!

This makes each training pant around 26 cents--keep in mind, most night-time diapers/training pants average somewhere between 30-50 cents per diaper! ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ

Hello Bello:

If Hello Bello diapers are more your jam (and with all those stinking adorable prints, how could they not be?!) then hop on this deal--score 7 packs of diapers, 4 packs of wipes, and a freebie of your choice for 35% off! Here's how you do it:

Click HERE to start bundling your Hello Bello order. Follow the instructions to select your size, prints, freebie, and delivery info. Once you've entered your email address at checkout, you're going to enter the promo code DIAPERS to receive 35% off your first order--bringing the total down from $69.99 to $45.49!

Final Cost: $45.49 for all!

This is a little trickier to break down as cost per diaper, since we included the wipes and the freebie into the initial purchase price, but it seems to boil down to about 20 cents per diaper. Hello Bello diapers range in price from about 21-26 cents per diaper at Walmart and Amazon; making this not only cheaper, but a lot more fun when it comes to print selection! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Keep in mind: this is a subscription service--BUT, if you decide you don't like it or don't want to continue the service, you can cancel at any time on the website. Just be sure to create an account after checkout so you can go in and edit your bundle delivery as needed.

Did I miss anything? Let me know below! I'm always on the lookout for a good deal, so let me know if you've found something better!

**Links above may be affiliated and I may receive a small commission when you click or purchase through them; but I never share a deal I haven't done myself and I don't think is worth it! If you do use my links, thank you so much for supporting me and my family! ๐Ÿฅฐ

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